11 Electronic Health Gadgets That Can Improve Your Life

Electronic health gadgets have been popular for some time. However, it’s just in recent times where they have become so integral in our everyday lives. That’s why I decided to create a list of my favorites.

When I was growing up way back in the ’80s, technology was quite limited. I always dreamed of being able to use electronics in unique ways not yet invented.

Now that technology is always evolving, it’s easier to use various gadgets as a way to look after ourselves.

We are now able to get information from these smart health gadgets across various devices. So our potential for using the information is much more realistic.

The list of electronic health gadgets

This list is intended to help you find the very thing that could possibly keep you healthier.

1. Smartwatch or fitness tracker to aid in fitness

fitness tracker watch

Smartwatches and fitness trackers can provide a great deal of information for tracking your activity. The fact that it’s something of a common wearable device, places it squarely into a ‘practical usable item’ category.

Smartwatches can control other smart devices in your home, like your smart garage door opener for one example.

It most certainly deserves to be considered one of the more helpful devices from our list.

Health and fitness features that you can find in a smartwatch:

  • Pedometer: Counting your daily steps quickly makes you realize whether you need to get off your office chair more.
  • Caloric counter: This is perfect for calculating the number of calories you are allowed for the day. This gives you a more accurate amount of calories expended throughout an average day to place into your caloric calculator for your activity. This can also be a motivator for some, take a challenge, and try to outperform yourself each day.
  • Heart rate monitor: Keep track of your heart rate to help you keep in your optimum heart range.
  • GPS system: Monitor your routes when you are out for a run or bike ride. This also allows you to have some accurate data on your distance covered.
  • Stopwatch: Track your activity times.
  • Activity time lengths: Have a look back at the length of times you were active at the end of the day. Another motivator, by trying to improve your numbers daily.
  • Music: I personally like this one. Running or cycling on your favorite road while listening to your favorite tunes. No more having to lug around other devices to hear your music while you train.

It will most certainly be helpful if you are the sort of person that is self-challenging. This is clearly a device in which features are being added, as time goes by.

I’d like to see what will be included in several years time.

2. Smart refrigerators can be used for better health

There aren’t that many benefits associated with a fridge, however, the few that are mentioned are quite important.

  • Recipes: Smart fridges have a touchscreen on the front door. This allows you to browse for recipes. Stick to recipes that produce healthy meals. I find that without easy recipe access, I tend to throw too many ingredients together. This tends to form a higher calorie meal which focuses more on taste than being efficient with the ingredients.
  • Grocery list: Make sure you have healthy ingredients stocked up by keeping your grocery list on it. It’s convenient to add something after using an item that’s almost gone. Like that last bit of broccoli for example.
  • Motivational Images: You can have photos of things related to your fitness or weight loss goals. This can be very motivating when preparing food!

I like the fact that I can keep everything fresh in my refrigerator. Knowing when your food has expired can avoid quite a few health-related mishaps.

There is an article which explains the pros and cons of smart fridges.

3. Crock Pot – Not quite an electronic health gadget, but close!

crock pot

This is an extremely useful tool to keep up healthy eating on a long term basis. It’s one of my personal favorite devices. If you use it in the correct way, it can become a health product.

  • Precook your meals: You can precook a whole lot of meals and freeze them in the correct amounts for one meal per container. This helps especially for your daily lunch at work, or if you are out on the road and trying to stick to your predetermined meals.
  • Save money: It’s also an excellent money saver when you have your meals preprepared. Buying your food, I find, is just so expensive!
  • Away from home cooking: Cooking a large batch of healthy food can be done even when you are not at home. The fact that your food cooks at such a low temperature, allows more nutrients to be retained. And it also tastes so good.

You can hook it up to a smart plug to have even further control over your warming or cooking times. You can take a look at more things to use smart plugs for in another article.

4. Qardio Arm to measure blood pressure at home

This is a really useful gadget, called the Qardio Arm. It can take a medically accurate blood pressure reading for you. An excellent way to keep an eye on one of the most important health factors.

  • Portable: Take a blood pressure reading anywhere you like. It’s been shown that taking a reading while you are relaxed, helps deliver a more accurate result.
  • Averages: Taking your blood pressure over a longer period of time, definitely increases the accuracy of your overall reading.
  • Collect and share the data: You are able to email your doctor your results, as you see fit.
  • Irregular heartbeat detection: This device will even tell you if something is wrong with the way your heart is beating.

5. Skulpt Performance to measure body fat

Skulpt Performance is a smart health gadget used to measure body fat accurately.

  • Measure body fat: You can measure your overall body’s fat percentage, as well as any localized areas (up to 24 areas) that you are wondering about.
  • Muscle information: Identifying of relative strength and muscle groups of up to 24 different muscle groups.
  • App: An app is available to formulate the data taken from the device. The analysis can look at muscle and fat and help you know what to work on and avoid any potential injuries.

I find this to be an interesting device. It’s amazing that we are able to collect so much data of ourselves from small products available to everybody.

6. Smart plates calculate your meal content

Just after I’d thought that I had seen it all, I discovered smart plates. There is one smart plate I was quite impressed with, it’s called SmartPlate.

  • Detect foods: SmartPlate can detect over 1000 foods. It sounds really futuristic, but they claim to have it backed up by an independent third-party study.
  • Scan foods: Successfully scan over 400,000 foods, using an app on your phone.
  • Tracking nutrients: It can track macro to micronutrients for you, like sugars, carbs, fibers, and fats, etc.
  • Food tracking: Keep track of everything you eat, so you can have an accurate analysis to know whether you are straying from your diet and by how much.
  • Automated: No more manually entering data about your food.

This product is relatively inexpensive and can be used in a microwave or dishwasher.

It will save you a lot of time keeping track of your food. I got sick of all the manual analyzing my foods, long ago. Just lowering your portion sizes goes a long way.

7. Smart fork to prevent yourself from eating too quickly

A smart fork. This will work well in conjunction with the previously mentioned item in our health gadgets list.

This product seems a little gimmicky, but I thought it was a little unique, so I figured it was maybe worth a mention.

It detects movement speeds and vibrates when you should slow down with your eating. It allows you to be reminded to take a small rest between mouthfuls and to just simply slow down.

I know I’m guilty of eating too fast.

8. Smartphone apps to keep you on track

smart phone on road with athlete on screen

This is such a broad topic, given that the app market for mobile devices is so big. But I have picked a few apps, to help narrow it down to a few essentials you can pick from.


  • MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter: Keep track of your food using several great features. Large food database, which has the nutritional content already stored. A handy bar-code scanner allows you to use your camera to quickly scan food products, and receive the nutritional data along with it. The list of features is extensive, needless to say, a very comprehensive app to help keep track of every calorie.
  • Lifesum Diet Plan: Diet plan and tips available to help you reach your goal. Also helps you with meal planning. Calorie tracker is also part of the app. There are more features for you to take a look at.
  • Lose Weight in 30 Days: An extremely successful and helpful app. It has a very effective diet plan. Weight loss and calorie tracking. Animation and video guidance. I highly recommended this diet app.
  • Keto Diet App (Aksal Apps): Here is a good Ketogenic diet app for those who prefer their diet this way.
  • Vegan Diet Plan (Chelin Apps): A very popular Vegan type diet app.
  • Paleo Diet Plan (Gato Apps): This is an excellent app if you are into the Paleolithic way of eating.


  • 30 Days Fitness Challenge (Leap Fitness Group): A workout at home app allowing you to do various bodyweight exercises. No equipment or gym needed.
  • Home Workout (Also By Leap Fitness Group): Same concept as the previous app, just more focused on harder workouts for men. It’s also a bit more about building muscle.
  • Fitness and Bodybuilding (VGFit LLC): A health and fitness app geared toward bodybuilding. Illustrations of how exercises are done. Video support for your workouts.
  • 8Fit Workouts and Meal Planner: Apart from having a meal planner, this app has a good amount of fitness routines that you can also schedule. Great for keeping up some sort of commitment.
  • Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere: Yoga that’s suited for any level. Clear instructions on how to do the poses.


  • Fabulous: Motivate Me!: Sleep, fitness and morning routine are just the start. Have a look at this app to keep you motivated with most things in your life. Mental health is also not forgotten.
  • Motivation, Inspiration & Confidence Audio Courses: Feature and content-packed. A highly recommended app for achieving success in all aspects of your life.
  • Best Motivational Quotes: For more instant motivation in a short message, this is the app for that. Sometimes something simple can be so inspiring.

9. Smart shoes and smart insoles can help reduce sporting injuries

I’ve had a look into Digitsole. It’s a company making smart insoles and shoes. Some of their sneakers seem a little over the top, but it might be your thing. Some impressive tie-up mechanics, a great conversation piece at parties, at the very least.

  • Pedaling technique analysis: Pedaling angle, cadence, and push-pull techniques are analyzed to help you up your cycling game.
  • Fatigue level risk detection: Using AI to create personalized guidelines and audio coaching.
  • Activity tracker: Calculates how many calories are used.
  • Connectivity: Connects up to your phone using Bluetooth to give you reports of the analyzed data.
  • Warming: Can warm your feet at any temperature between 86 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 3D Analysis: A 3D analysis can be taken from your strides, to check for propulsion level, stability, and striking nature.

Quite an impressive array of features. An awesome way to avoid injuries, if you have the cash to layout for these kinds of fitness gadgets.

10. Smart Nora for snoring or sleep apnea

I came across a device named Smart Nora. It’s an inflatable smart device that raises your head gently when it detects snoring.

  • Raises your head gently when snoring: By raising your head when you snore, it helps to move away from the area that collapses to obstruct your airways.
  • Connects to your mobile device: A smartphone app allows recordings of your snoring, so when it activates, you can have a comparison to see if it’s working for you.
  • 30 Day money-back guarantees: At least you can return it if it’s not helping you.

I’m not sure how well it works for everybody, but it’s getting lots of good reviews. Who knows, maybe it can help you with your snoring?

11. Smart sports equipment

sports training gear

There are lots of smart sports equipment on the market. This can be very helpful, as its analysis of your performance from an interactive perspective.

  • Tennis rackets: Look at the data from your racket on your smartphone. It will tell you all about your swing etc. When you are recorded at the same time, this brings even more information about how you are playing. Motion sensor for impact recognition and much more.
  • Basketballs: Provides challenging game modes and field goal percentage tracking. Tells you which shots are good or bad. It also connects to your smartphone.
  • Baseball bats: Capture data on your swing in 3D. Provides your smartphone with speed, time to impact and attack angle information. It also has a coach to help improve your play.
  • Running shoes or insoles: As I’ve mentioned earlier, helps you avoid injuries.
  • Soccer balls: Includes features like real-time coaching clues, kick strength and how much spin you delivered. It’s also fun to compare your performance comparing to your friends.
  • Golf club: Increase the accuracy of your swing by analyzing the motion of your club. More detailed information is also available by determining your face angle between the club and target line. It’s also able to tell you about your speed and distance by using your mobile device’s microphone. To me, this can really help you improve your driving range and accuracy.

I’m sure there are many more sports aids in the smart device market. This will surely help gain some advantage in your sport.

In conclusion

Smart devices are becoming a part of our daily lives in many aspects of it. Even to help us maintain our homes and more.

As you can see, and I’m sure you will agree at this point, technology can help you to stay healthy. Or even improve your health for that matter.

It also comes down to how well you can implement and stick to using these devices. There are many different products like these to choose from.

I hope this article on health gadgets has helped you in some way, to use technology to improve your health and well being.

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