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The articles listed here provide how-to solutions for your DIY smart home projects.

They will help you figure out which product you need to get the functionality produced that you require.

These articles will also provide you with practical information to get your project completed efficiently and quickly. They also provide detailed information about how you can install a product.

Furthermore, you can find valuable resources embedded in each post. Care has been taken to deliver high quality writing with enough information so you can complete a project with all the guidance that is required.

I’m excited to research more articles that can be presented in this category in the future. There is an ever-growing demand for hot to articles, seeing as more and more products are being released in the market of smart home products.

If need to know how to install a light or how to join wires, this would be a couple of examples of what is covered in this list.

I’m sure that you will be able to find some kind of help in our how-to solutions category page.

Can Solar Panels Eliminate an Electric Bill?

Solar Power Featured Image

An in depth article about how a solar panel can free you from having to pay an electric bill. Even though there is an initial cost, the benefits later on will be worth it. Find out if it’s the correct solution for your home.

DIY Christmas Light Installation (Types and Tips)

Christmas Lights Featured Image

Christmas won’t be the same without the atmosphere set by beautiful lights. We share our thoughts on how you can optimize the installation of Christmas lights and make a more specific effort in your lighting choices.

How to Build a Personal DIY Cloud Storage System at Home

Cloud Storage Featured Image

Ever wanted remote access or access to all your files anywhere in your home? This is the way to do just that. We will show you how to setup a personal cloud system without having to break your wallet, or having to spend money for a subscription.

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