DIY Home Automation – What is in a smart home?

If you are interested in diy home automation, here are some things to get you informed about common things found in a smart home:

  1. Add smart lighting in your home – A guide to smart bulbs
  2. How to purchase the correct smart lock and some installation tips
  3. How to use smart plugs
  4. Choosing your voice activated home assistant – A comparison between Google Home and Amazon Echo

Some other examples of what is in a smart home:

  • Timer or smartphone activated blinds or lights.
  • A touchscreen panel that allows you to adjust or preset the temperature of your home.
  • Easy interfaces for you to play music or videos in certain parts of your house.
  • Turn appliances or devices on or off using smart plugs.

Of course, there are many more such examples. New ways and methods are always being invented and brought forth to the common market.
Not to mention refinements, which improve products work-ability and ease of interaction etc.

All of these things are very DIY and we believe that you can install anything yourself, obviously an electrician is needed for any connections to mains power.

One of the exciting parts about home automation is how you can communicate with so many appliances, lights and other things just from your smart phone.

With this website, I’m hoping to take you on a journey that can help you in many ways, improving your home to make life easier for you.

What is home automation?

Home automation, simply put, comprises of a variety of smart devices (which can be integrated or not) that automate specific manual tasks to contribute to providing a smart house. So you can install different devices, such as a smart lock for your front door or a voice activated blind for your living room that can even work together to deliver impressive results, making your house feel really futuristic and intelligent.


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