Product Reviews

Here are my DIY smart home product reviews, to help you pick the right products.
There are so many products out there, hopefully, these articles can help you form a better decision when choosing your products.

What are they based on?

All of the smart home product reviews are done by me personally. I have either gone through and tested several products over time, or I have done lots of dedicated research, before posting a review article.

Some articles take me weeks to complete, to make sure I give you quality and trustworthy results.

My favorite way to deliver a review is not by a long comparative list, but rather by my chosen item featured in the article. This way I can cover the recommended product in much more depth.

I will continue to research more products and post the most sought after reviews by the demand of everyone searching for smart home products.

Have a look at the list of articles that provide specific reviews that you might find useful.

Best Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener Reviews (2020)

WiFi Garage Door Opener Home

Automatic garage door openers have been around for decades and are such a commonly found device in a lot of homes. A smart garage door opener makes them even more convenient. Find out how these products can really make access into your home easier and safer.

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