Why Choose A Smart Mortise Lock? (Homes Or Businesses)

70 percent of consumers report making changes to their living environment at some point during the pandemic. Of those, nearly half bought at least one smart device.

While smart home technology may feel like a thing of the future, it’s more accessible for everyday Americans than you might think.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting quarantine orders, the smart home technology industry boomed. But with so many products on the market, it can be difficult to identify which is the best choice for your home.

A smart mortise lock is an easy place to begin automating your home with minimal effort or upkeep. If you are new to the world of smart home products—or you’re just having a hard time narrowing down the best choice, look no further.

Keep reading to learn more about the smart mortise lock, and how it can boost the security of your home or business.

A smartphone controls a smart mortise lock.

What Is a Mortise Lock?

Mortise locks are door locks that combine a latch and deadbolt into one panel.

When installing this type of lock on a door, only a single rectangular hole needs cutting. This hole is also known as the “mortise.” The lock assembly in its entirety gets installed into the mortise.

Mortise locks are common in commercial buildings but are frequently used in residential settings as well.

They tend to be the more expensive version of door locks, but they do boast additional benefits. These include:

  • Wider variety of trim designs.
  • Additional security.
  • Increased durability.

Mortise locks differ from other lock setups, like tubular locks. In these models, the latch and deadbolt lock is separately installed.

What Is a Smart Mortise Lock?

An example of a smart mortise lock is being controlled by a smartphone.

A smart mortise lock combines the benefits of traditional mortise locks with modern home technology to create an ultra-secure smart home lock.

They have the same inner workings as a traditional mortise lock, with the added benefits of smart technology.

Models will vary, but many smart mortise locks will come with a keypad. This is in addition to the traditional keyhole in the locking structure. This means that you can connect your door lock directly to the WiFi connection in your home or business.

Most smart mortise lock models on the market come with a dedicated app for their product. These programs feature additional benefits, like remote locking capability and controlling access codes. 

From there, you can control the lock from any smart device.

You can usually create a permanent passcode for personal use, and additional guest codes that can be added or removed at any time. Plus, with most products, you can manually lock or unlock the door directly from the app.

Installation tends to be fairly straightforward, taking a half-hour or less with minimal tools required.

Most of the time, the manufacturer will include detailed installation instructions with your smart lock package. There are also online videos and other resources to illustrate step-by-step how to install the smart mortise lock.

There may be additional time required to install the accompanying mobile app and to integrate the system with any other devices you currently use.

After all said and done, you can have a fully-functioning smart mortise lock installed within an hour.

Smart Lock Technology

A 3D model of a house with a smart lock in front of it.

Incorporating this technology into your existing space makes it quick and easy to lock or unlock doors.

You can connect these devices to your WiFi connection. From there, you have secure lock access in the palm of your hand.

Users can control their smart mortise lock from any computer, tablet, or other smart devices. Plus, when coordinating this tool with a voice assistant, you can lock or unlock doors by simply speaking a few words.

Residential Lock Solutions

In addition to increasing home security with a smart mortise lock, you may choose to combine this with other technology.

Front door cameras are a great addition to easily keep track of your home’s exterior. When the doorbell rings or detects movement, a notification appears on your smartphone or other designated device.

From there, you can use the accompanying app to check what’s outside from the vantage point of the doorbell or CCTV camera. The footage is live-streamed and can be stored based on programmable settings.

In combination with a smart mortise lock, you can decide whether or not to unlock the door. All of these actions can be performed seamlessly from the comfort of your couch.

Another example of great integration with a smart mortise lock is an automatic door opener.

This way, you can unlock and open the front door with ease right from your phone. For disabled people—or even able-bodied people carrying bulky items inside—these devices can make life much easier.

Commercial Lock Solutions

Mortise locks are common in new and retrofitting commercial buildings—both interior and exterior. Their popularity is due to the various benefits that business owners find attractive. These benefits include:

  • Increased security and durability.
  • More reliable.
  • Stainless steel components for corrosion resistance.
  • Oversized thumb turns to comply with ADA standards.
  • Anti-vandal features.

Now imagine all of these features, with the added benefits of smart technology.

One of the biggest benefits of a smart mortise lock in a commercial setting is the ability to control authorized entry. For individual appointments, deliveries, or other one-time guests, you can create unique passcodes that expire at a given time.

This ensures you can securely allow invited guests into your place of business. But, you don’t have to worry about guest codes falling into the wrong hands. After your designated time expires, these codes are no longer successful in unlocking the door. 

Many of the accompanying apps to these devices also feature the lock’s “history.”

This way, you can keep track of who was going in and out, and when. If you incorporate these apps with other smart technologies, you may also be able to pull video feeds from specific incidents of door locking or unlocking.

Including this technology as part of your commercial security system means less time on the physical premises is required. For business owners, greater peace of mind can be ensured when away from their company facility.

With the click of a few buttons, you can easily track who is coming and going from your commercial space.


Especially for those just getting their feet wet in the world of smart home technology, you may be left with a few questions. Check below for more information on the inner workings behind a smart mortise lock. 

Using Smart Locks if I Lose My Phone

Fear not—losing your phone will not automatically grant lock access to unauthorized persons.

With most smart mortise lock manufacturers, you can use a computer or other smart device to log into your account on their website.

From there, you can remove your phone from the list of trusted devices.
This would take away the ability of phone thieves to access your home’s smart locks.  You can also disable the use of any access codes that may have been compromised.

If you can’t remember your password, you can call most companies from a borrowed phone to request the above services over the phone.

What if the Smart Lock Battery Dies?

The typical battery life of these devices is one year. This means there is little battery maintenance required once they are installed. 

When battery levels do begin to get low, most devices will provide plenty of forewarning. They typically send out an audible warning over a sustained period of time.
Furthermore, many of these devices will send an alert via text message or in-app notification to inform you of the low battery status.

If the battery does die before you have a chance to change it, most models come with a physical key. This serves as a backup option so that you can still get into your home even with a dead battery in the smart lock.

Are Access Codes Encrypted?

Yes, passwords and access codes are encrypted. This way, hacking into your security system to steal the necessary codes would be an extremely difficult task.

Most smart mortise lock models will feature 128-bit encryption. Though, models with up to 256-bit encryption are out there.

Consider a Smart Mortise Lock for Your Space

Though they typically have found a home in high-usage commercial doors, mortise locks are gaining popularity in apartment buildings and other residences. With added security and durability it’s easy to see how they have gained traction over the years.

The benefits of mortise locks have only been further solidified with the marriage of smart technology.

Whether it be your home or business, there are many benefits to incorporating smart mortise locks. These are an especially great choice as one of the beginning changes to start the process of automating your home.

Check out other ways to get started in incorporating smart technology in your home!