The Best Smart Thermostat to Suit Your Budget in 2021

In this smart thermostat reviews article, we aim to provide you with the best product to save you money on your power bill while keeping comfortable in your home and to help you find the best smart thermostat in 2021.

This is especially true for anyone who wants to upgrade their existing thermostat or even if you feel it’s time for something better.

This is a resource intended to give more information about the best WiFi smart thermostats on the market, for their price.

Not only is this list price-focused, but also feature-driven, so you can decide what’s right for you.

What is a smart thermostat?

best budget smart thermostat reviews on wall

Smart thermostats do the same job as existing programmable types, just with more accuracy, efficiency, information, and control-ability. 

The extra control you get with a WiFi smart thermostat is the integration with existing smart equipment or smartphone.

They are commonly attached to the wall and have a control interface (a way to interact with the device such as buttons or touchscreen). 

You can adjust the temperatures and have a temperature readout displayed on it. If used correctly, these thermostats should save you money. So over time, the unit will pay for itself.

Schedules can be set, so you can have different temperatures throughout the day or night, running automatically.

They can be used to control your homes’ heating or air conditioning by replacing your existing thermostat control.

I highly recommend taking a photo of your wiring before you remove anything, or before proceeding with any installation steps!

Another cautionary piece of advice: Be on the lookout for which power wire can be used with the device you are interested in. Here is a link to CNet. It’s an article to give you some insights into C wires.

Important features when choosing a smart thermostat

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  • Geo-sensing: Detects if you are in the vicinity so it can start adjusting your home to a more comfortable environment.
  • Integration: Compatibility with most of the common types of cooling or heating methods found in most homes. You can even control your fans.
  • Better control: Compatibilities with most common voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Wi-Fi integration: Connectivity with smartphones, web interfaces (computers, laptops, and tablets, etc) and other technologies like ITTT and IoT.
  • Multi-stage cooling and heating: Auto adjust the levels required for the temperatures to be achieved with better efficiency.
  • Humidity: Humidity sensing or sometimes the ability to control it by automatically adjusting the humidity to a more desirable level.
  • Automated control: Scheduling to allow for a comfortable environment throughout the day or week.
  • Power savings: Turns your heating and cooling facilities or devices off when it’s not used. It may also provide a more accurate temperature that could save power.

Smart thermostat reviews

There are three main categories to suit your budget. With the best smart thermostat to suit each category.

Our Top Pick

Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation)

nest learning thermostat gen 3 preview

My personal favorite choice, and what I consider to be the best smart thermostat. A well-thought-out design that allows for easy adjustment. It offers a wide array of features that are hard to beat.

Some of the features

Available in black, copper, stainless steel, and white. 

Highly rated by many users, and a proven all-around fantastic thermostat. 

It works with Alexa, which is a voice assistant, and most smartphones and other smart devices.

Operates on 24V wired power only.

Let’s take a look at the list of features available with the Nest:

  • WiFi Smart device Integration and remote access.
  • Alexa and Google Home and obviously Nest’s range of smart products.
  • Multiple Zones.
  • Three-stage heating and two stages of cooling.
  • Compatible with most heating and cooling systems.
  • Geo-fencing – Building sensors and phone locations can be used to change it to energy-saving mode when nobody is home.
  • Ability to learn schedules from the settings that users input at different times of the day.
  • Humidity Control.
  • Filter reminders.
  • Alerts to your mobile when temperatures are too hot or too cold.
  • Easy installation.

Here is an installation video so you can see how easy it is to install it (YouTube):

Best Value Thermostat

Nest Thermostat E

nest thermostat e preview

The value that this product offers is unmatched for its price. It’s got similar features to the Nest Learning Gen 3, but it’s missing a few features that you may or may not be concerned about.

Some of the features

Here are some of the main differences compared to the Nest Learning Gen 3:

  • Display: The display isn’t as nice, but it’s still easy to read.
  • Single design: Only comes in white.
  • Farsight: Does not have the ability to detect and display desired information when you walk near it.

Installing a C wire may be required and operates on 24V only.

  • Wi-Fi Smart device integration and remote access.
  • Alexa and Google Home compatible.
  • 2 Stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling.
  • Compatible with most heating and cooling systems.
  • Humidity sensor.
  • Geo-fencing – Building sensors and phone locations can be used to change it to energy-saving mode when nobody is home.
  • Alerts to your mobile when temperatures are too hot or too cold.
  • Easy Installation.

On a Tight Budget

WYZE Smart WiFi Thermostat

The Best Smart Thermostat to Suit Your Budget in 2021 1

Despite the price, this smart thermostat still provides an adequate array of features.

Some of the features

  • Wi-Fi Smart device integration and remote access using your smartphone.
  • Alexa, Google Assistant, Vera compatible.
  • Compatible with most heating and cooling systems.
  • Humidity control.
  • 7 Day scheduling.
  • Energy saving tips from previous weather history sent to your phone.
  • Easy Installation.


We hope that you find your ideal smart thermostat, even if it’s not on our list.

Consider features that matter to you. Everybody has different needs and requirements.

And yes, there is always a concern for cost. But one other thing to consider, this is going to be something that’s most likely going to be mounted on your wall for at least a bit of time.

Knowing this, how does it change your view into the amount of money you would like to invest in such a product?